Passenger Tyres

ContiMaxContact MC5

The Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 features V-shaped inner ribs for optimum driving comfort and safety and an advanced silica compound for improved rolling resistance and fuel economy. The Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 delivers unrivalled performance and comfort.

ContiComfortContact CC5

The ContiComfortContact CC5 is the most soundless Continental tyre yet. Featuring Conti Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology to reduce noise without compromising other performances and V-shaped inner ribs for optimum driving comfort and safety, the ContiComfortContact CC5 lowers the noise to amplify your driving pleasure.

ContiSportContact CC3

The ContiSportContact CC3 features asymmetrical pattern ribs for improved steering precision and shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads. Agile steering precision and excellent safety when driving at speed make the ContiSportContact CC3 the ultimate in sports tyre.